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At The Vegan Copacker, we are dedicated to crafting and producing vegan food products that are not only great tasting and made with quality ingredients but also compassionate and sustainable.

Collaborate with us for compassionate food manufacturing and packaging

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What we believe


We are more than a manufacturer – we are the driving force uplifting emerging vegan brands. With quality as our bedrock, our purpose resonates in our commitment to secure founders’ trust and amplify veganism’s reach.



To deliver exceptional vegan products that align with your vision. Partner with us to create a cruelty-free, tastier tomorrow.



Be the leader in vegan co-packing, eliminating hurdles for founders, and nurturing brands to success.



Safe  |  Reliable  |  Vegan

When it comes to co-packing plant-based products, you can count on us to provide the best possible service. At our facilities, we specialize in quality ingredients and customized packaging solutions to ensure your products stand out on the shelf. Let us take care of the manufacturing process so you can focus on growing your business.

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Our commitment 

Our goal is to protect what you care about most


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Where we are


Image of downtown Chicago, IL at sunset

Chicago, IL

San Diego Ocean at Sunset

San Diego, CA

Who we are


Cassandra Brewer

Vice President of Operations

Matt Balha

Director of Operations

Adrienne Magcalas

Director of Business Development

You're probably


  • Who is The Vegan Co-Packer?
    An enterprise started by a mission-aligned Venture Studio, Frost Venture, to continue their support of a more sustainable and compassionate world.
  • Where is The Vegan Co-Packer?
    Currently, we are providing services in San Diego, CA, and soon-to-come Chicago, IL near O’Hare.
  • What services does The Vegan Co-Packer provide?
    We provide full-service manufacturing and packaging of vegan products that fit our machinery.
  • How do we select what products we produce?
    We encourage you to apply through our Contact Us form, and we will follow up for a more in-depth review.
  • Do we manufacture or package any non-vegan products?
    No, we are the first 100% vegan facility to support brands through their scaling journey.

Contact Us

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